Urgent! Taking Time to Be Still

WordPress Daily Prompt – Urgent

Things have a way of presenting themselves.

This morning, as I was chopping away at a mountain of dishes, I found myself thinking about being still. Taking that time is important. It’s time to truly take stock of your situation, what you have, where you’re going. It’s time to let whatever faith you possess work within you and a time to see what you are being guided towards.

I work in an environment that is very “urgent! urgent! rush! rush!” When I’m at work I have to think in checklist form and constantly reprioritize based on what is in front of me at that moment. Everything is “Stop what you’re doing and do this!”.

Of course, if everything is “OMG!” then eventually nothing becomes “OMG!” because we’re just so accustomed to the chaos.

I recently had a nice stay-cation from that constant chaos and yesterday I found that I was dreading walking back into it. I sat in my car and wondered what could go wrong. I could walk in and find nothing had been taken care of in a week plus. I could walk into some mistake that was made while I was gone but not fixed. I could walk in and find my space had just been burned to the ground!

Obviously I was being ridiculous. I had to shake myself out of that negative spiral and take a moment to just be still.

In that moment I noticed that the leaves had begun changing (even though it’s still 80+ here). I noticed the birds that were gliding around. I took a second to truly appreciate Jimi Hendrix. Then I got out of my car and walked into what I had been dreading only a moment before.

Almost everything had been taken care of, thanks to more than competent co-workers. Any mistakes made were realized and corrected, again thanks to those co-workers. My desk was intact with no burn marks, probably more thanks to competent building management.

Nothing will change my work environment of “OMG! URGENT!” because that’s the way this business flows.

I can change my reactions to it. I can take moments to just be still and understand the greater way that the universe is working. I can appreciate the quiet moments that allow me time to process and think. It’s easy to forget that our reactions shape our perceptions (and vice versa) and that being positive will breed positive perceptions and reactions.

Even in the chaos that can be day to day life, taking a moment to be still can alter your mindset.


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